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Statistics on airlines delays and punctuality

In order to better inform passengers flying from or to Accra, we record in a database all flights who have suffered delays at takeoff or landing. Here you will find the main flights concerned.

The biggest delays recently noted:

Order by :
AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
KP20 on X/12/2018
KP21 on X/12/2018
SA57 on X/12/2018
HF500 on X/12/2018
KP20 on X/11/2018
HF500 on X/11/2018
KP23 on X/11/2018
KP21 on X/11/2018
KP22 on X/11/2018
SA57 on X/11/2018
HF500 on X/11/2018
HF500 on X/10/2018
AF866 on X/09/2018
HF500 on X/09/2018
HF500 on X/08/2018
HF500 on X/08/2018
SN290 on X/08/2018
KL589 on X/08/2018
KQ505 on X/08/2018
BA81 on X/08/2018
TK629 on X/08/2018
AF866 on X/08/2018
EK788 on X/08/2018
SN289 on X/08/2018
TP1529 on X/08/2018
MS881 on X/08/2018
HF500 on X/08/2018
WB220 on X/06/2018
WB220 on X/05/2018
SA235 on X/04/2018
HF500 on X/11/2017
ET921 on X/01/2017
ET921 on X/01/2017
KL589 on X/01/2017
BA81 on X/01/2017
SA57 on X/01/2017
TP1528 on X/01/2017
SASAA210 on X/06/201641mn
EKUAE788 on X/06/201614mn
SASAA56 on X/06/201621mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20161h21mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201656mn
MSMSR881 on X/06/201613mn
MEMEA575 on X/06/201617mn
DLDAL420 on X/06/201638mn
W3ARA302 on X/06/201627mn
KQKQA502 on X/06/201613mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/20169mn
ETETH921 on X/06/201626mn
ETETH3725 on X/06/201645mn
SNBEL277 on X/06/201653mn
WBRWD200 on X/06/201619mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201636mn
TPTAP1511 on X/06/201629mn
SASAA210 on X/06/201638mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201627mn
KQKQA502 on X/06/201618mn
TPTAP1527 on X/06/201629mn
SASAA56 on X/06/201610mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201623mn
DLDAL420 on X/06/20161h23mn
W3ARA306 on X/06/201646mn
ETETH921 on X/06/201636mn
KQKQA504 on X/06/20161h3mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201613mn
MSMSR881 on X/06/201622mn
SNBEL277 on X/06/20161h27mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201633mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20161h0mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/201622mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201624mn
KQKQA502 on X/06/201623mn
DLDAL420 on X/06/20161h39mn
SASAA210 on X/06/201635mn
MSMSR881 on X/06/20167mn
TPTAP1527 on X/06/201651mn
W3ARA304 on X/06/201656mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201638mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/20161h11mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20162h41mn
KQKQA504 on X/06/201625mn
W3ARA306 on X/06/201642mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201616mn
MEMEA575 on X/06/201624mn
SASAA56 on X/06/201613mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201641mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/201653mn
W3ARA396 on X/06/201633mn
SASAA57 on X/06/201611mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20163h27mn
TPTAP1511 on X/06/20161h5mn
MSMSR881 on X/06/201614mn
KQKQA502 on X/06/201655mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201624mn
ETETH921 on X/06/201624mn
DLDAL420 on X/06/201645mn
SASAA210 on X/06/20164h41mn
TPTAP1527 on X/06/20167mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/201624mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20161h17mn
W3ARA304 on X/06/201640mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201632mn
SNBEL277 on X/06/201635mn
KQKQA504 on X/06/201619mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201615mn
SASAA56 on X/06/201638mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201623mn
TKTHY6503 on X/06/20161h49mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20161h27mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/201631mn
SASAA57 on X/06/201633mn
MEMEA575 on X/06/201635mn
MSMSR881 on X/06/201633mn
DLDAL420 on X/06/20161h24mn
KQKQA502 on X/06/201628mn
EKUAE787 on X/06/201615mn
SNBEL277 on X/06/20161h2mn
KLKLM589 on X/06/201626mn
EKUAE788 on X/06/201632mn
TKTHY629 on X/06/201647mn
BABAW81 on X/06/20161h36mn
KQKQA5593 on X/06/201618mn
SASAA56 on X/06/20163h6mn
SA210 on X/02/201636mn
KL589 on X/02/201611mn
DL478 on X/02/201615mn
KQ502 on X/02/201647mn
ET921 on X/02/201654mn
TK629 on X/02/201613mn
SA210 on X/01/201611mn
MS881 on X/01/201630mn
KL589 on X/01/201611mn
ET921 on X/01/201620mn
BA81 on X/01/201612mn
KQ502 on X/01/20163h30mn
MS881 on X/01/201632mn
ET921 on X/01/201637mn
BA81 on X/01/201650mn
TK629 on X/01/201628mn
KL589 on X/01/201638mn
MS881 on X/01/201635mn
ME576 on X/01/201630mn
BA81 on X/01/201627mn
KL589 on X/01/201630mn
TK629 on X/01/201613mn
BA81 on X/01/201638mn
MS881 on X/01/201633mn
KL589 on X/01/201613mn
BA81 on X/01/201636mn
AT515 on X/01/201610mn
Temperature : 33░C
Humidity : 56%
Wind : S at 15km/h
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