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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Africa World Airlines
Country: GH
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
MondayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
MondayAW135Takoradi Airport (GH)09:50
MondayAW103Kumasi Airport (GH)09:50
MondayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
MondayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
MondayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
MondayAW107Kumasi Airport (GH)12:10
MondayAW255Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NG)13:45
MondayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
MondayAW137Takoradi Airport (GH)14:30
MondayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
MondayAW113Kumasi Airport (GH)15:30
MondayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
MondayAW119Kumasi Airport (GH)18:00
MondayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
MondayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
MondayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
MondayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
TuesdayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
TuesdayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
TuesdayAW133Takoradi Airport (GH)09:20
TuesdayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
TuesdayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
TuesdayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
TuesdayAW107Kumasi Airport (GH)12:10
TuesdayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
TuesdayAW111Kumasi Airport (GH)14:30
TuesdayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
TuesdayAW344Roberts International Airport (LR)16:45
TuesdayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
TuesdayAW141Takoradi Airport (GH)17:40
TuesdayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
TuesdayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
TuesdayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
TuesdayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
WednesdayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
WednesdayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
WednesdayAW135Takoradi Airport (GH)09:50
WednesdayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
WednesdayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
WednesdayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
WednesdayAW107Kumasi Airport (GH)12:10
WednesdayAW255Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NG)13:45
WednesdayAW327Roberts International Airport (LR)15:40
WednesdayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
WednesdayAW137Takoradi Airport (GH)14:30
WednesdayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
WednesdayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
WednesdayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
WednesdayAW119Kumasi Airport (GH)18:00
WednesdayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
WednesdayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
WednesdayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
ThursdayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
ThursdayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
ThursdayAW133Takoradi Airport (GH)09:20
ThursdayAW103Kumasi Airport (GH)09:50
ThursdayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
ThursdayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
ThursdayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
ThursdayAW109Kumasi Airport (GH)13:10
ThursdayAW255Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NG)13:45
ThursdayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
ThursdayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
ThursdayAW113Kumasi Airport (GH)15:30
ThursdayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
ThursdayAW141Takoradi Airport (GH)17:40
ThursdayAW153Kumasi (GH)17:50
ThursdayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
ThursdayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
ThursdayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
ThursdayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
FridayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
FridayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
FridayAW135Takoradi Airport (GH)09:50
FridayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
FridayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
FridayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
FridayAW109Kumasi Airport (GH)13:10
FridayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
FridayAW137Takoradi Airport (GH)14:30
FridayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
FridayAW344Roberts International Airport (LR)16:45
FridayAW113Kumasi Airport (GH)15:30
FridayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
FridayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
FridayAW119Kumasi Airport (GH)18:00
FridayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
FridayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
FridayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
SaturdayAW101Kumasi Airport (GH)08:30
SaturdayAW161Tamale Airport (GH)09:00
SaturdayAW103Kumasi Airport (GH)09:50
SaturdayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
SaturdayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
SaturdayAW167Tamale Airport (GH)12:00
SaturdayAW109Kumasi Airport (GH)13:10
SaturdayAW255Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NG)13:45
SaturdayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
SaturdayAW137Takoradi Airport (GH)14:30
SaturdayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
SaturdayAW113Kumasi Airport (GH)15:30
SaturdayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
SaturdayAW141Takoradi Airport (GH)17:40
SaturdayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
SaturdayAW119Kumasi Airport (GH)18:00
SaturdayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
SaturdayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:32
SaturdayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
SundayAW103Kumasi Airport (GH)09:50
SundayAW211Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)09:15
SundayAW165Tamale Airport (GH)11:00
SundayAW105Kumasi Airport (GH)10:50
SundayAW169Tamale Airport (GH)13:00
SundayAW109Kumasi Airport (GH)13:10
SundayAW215Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)13:50
SundayAW173Tamale Airport (GH)15:00
SundayAW137Takoradi Airport (GH)15:20
SundayAW113Kumasi Airport (GH)15:30
SundayAW117Kumasi Airport (GH)16:50
SundayAW141Takoradi Airport (GH)17:40
SundayAW181Tamale Airport (GH)18:00
SundayAW119Kumasi Airport (GH)18:00
SundayAW121Kumasi Airport (GH)19:20
SundayAW123Kumasi Airport (GH)20:20
SundayAW223Murtala Muhammed Airport (NG)20:40
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
AW223 on 01/2021
AW255 on 10/2020
AW213 on 02/2020
AW211 on 02/2020
AW223 on 02/2020
AW223 on 02/2020
AW219 on 01/2020
AW213 on 01/2020
AW213 on 01/2020
AW223 on 01/2020
AW213 on 01/2020
AW223 on 01/2020
AW211 on 01/2020
AW213 on 01/2020
AW251 on 01/2020
AW223 on 12/2019
Temperature: 25°C
Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 94%
Wind: SW at 20km/h
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