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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
Country : ZA
> DeparturesFlightDestinationTime
MondaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)23:45
TuesdaySA210OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:20
TuesdaySA56Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)18:20
TuesdaySA57OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:30
TuesdaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)23:45
WednesdaySA210OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:20
WednesdaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)23:45
ThursdaySA210OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:20
ThursdaySA56Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)18:20
ThursdaySA57OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:30
FridaySA210OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:20
FridaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)23:45
SaturdaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)09:21
SaturdaySA53OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:40
SundaySA210OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)09:20
SundaySA56Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)18:20
SundaySA57OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:30
SundaySA209Washington Dulles International Airport (US)23:45
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondaySA209OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:20
TuesdaySA56OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:00
TuesdaySA210Washington Dulles International Airport (US)08:16
TuesdaySA209OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:25
TuesdaySA57Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)21:10
WednesdaySA210Washington Dulles International Airport (US)09:25
WednesdaySA209OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:50
ThursdaySA56OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)18:05
ThursdaySA210Washington Dulles International Airport (US)08:25
ThursdaySA57Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)22:03
FridaySA209OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)23:35
FridaySA210Washington Dulles International Airport (US)10:00
SaturdaySA52OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)21:07
SundaySA56OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)17:04
SundaySA210Washington Dulles International Airport (US)08:00
SundaySA209OR Tambo Int. Airport (ZA)22:29
SundaySA57Felix H. Boigny Airport (CI)21:10
Disclaimer : the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
SA57 on 12/2018
SA57 on 11/2018
SA235 on 04/2018
SA57 on 01/2017
SASAA56 on 06/201621mn
SASAA210 on 06/201641mn
SASAA56 on 06/201610mn
SASAA210 on 06/201638mn
SASAA210 on 06/201635mn
SASAA57 on 06/201611mn
SASAA56 on 06/201613mn
SASAA210 on 06/20164h41mn
SASAA57 on 06/201633mn
SASAA56 on 06/201638mn
SASAA56 on 06/20163h6mn
SA210 on 02/201636mn
SA210 on 01/201611mn
SA209 on 01/20162h11mn
SA56 on 01/201610mn
SA210 on 01/20166mn
SA209 on 01/20168mn
SA210 on 01/20161h10mn
SA209 on 01/20161h28mn
SA52 on 01/20163h33mn
SA209 on 01/201657mn
SA209 on 01/201615mn
SA210 on 12/201510mn
SA209 on 12/201515mn
SA56 on 12/201511mn
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Partly cloudy
Humidity : 89%
Wind : WSW at 11km/h
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